Weekly Trail Runs

ROC members receive a weekly ‘Trail Bits’ newsletter by email.  Included in the newsletter is information about the weekly (Saturday morning) trail run.  Trail runs usually last between 1 hour and 1.5 hours in length.  There may be as many as three or four groups of trail runners on any given Saturday depending on attendance levels and availability of trail leaders.  Members are asked to select the group that best matches their own trail running experience and fitness level.  A leader and sweeper will be assigned to each group before the groups head out on the trails. 

   Group 1:  fast 

   Group 2:  moderate

   Group 3:  new to trail running  (has a solid running base – not for walkers) 

NOTE to non-members:

  We encourage “Drop Ins” (non-members) to join us for trail runs.  A fee of $5 and a signed WAIVER are required prior to each run.