ROC Events

Fletcher’s Challenge

Fletcher’s Challenge is our signature fundraising event, held annually at Westwood Lake in Nanaimo on Good Friday. For complete details including registration information, visit

Weekly Trail Runs

ROC members receive a weekly ‘Trail Bits’ newsletter by email, that describes the Saturday morning trail run.  Trail runs usually last between 1 hour and 1.5 hours.  There may be as many as three or four groups of trail runners on any given Saturday depending on attendance levels and availability of trail leaders.  Members are asked to select the group that best matches their own trail running experience and fitness level.  A leader and sweeper will be assigned to each group before the groups head out on the trails. 

  •    Group 1:  Fast
  •    Group 2:  Moderate
  •    Group 3:  New to trail running  (Have a solid running base – not for walkers) 

NOTE to non-members: We encourage you to join us for a “Drop In” trail run. A signed Guest waiver is required, so please print and give it to your group leader.  If you need more information about the location of the run (it changes weekly)  please contact us on Facebook for the quickest response, or email us at

Annual Volunteer Events

Every year volunteers from ROC participate in the annual food drive in Nanaimo’s Give and Go. We help with traffic control, unload vehicles, and receive food items from people in their cars who are dropping them off for local food banks.

ROC volunteers are also involved with Hamperville. Every year our members work with other volunteers and take donated food items, sort them into food groups and then box them for distribution in the community. If the weather is bad we’ll even offer rides for people to access the food hampers.

Looking for more information about ROC events?
Please contact us.