About ROC Nanaimo

Runners of Compassion is a registered non-profit society whose members participate as a group to raise awareness of and provide funding for social and charitable causes. We raise money, volunteer our time and enjoy a fellowship with a diverse group of men and women and while doing so help those who have fallen upon hard times. As well, we assist to help overcome financial barriers to encourage people to become more physically active in their lifestyles. Runners of all levels and ability are invited to join the Nanaimo Chapter of Runners of Compassion.

Charitable Works

Founded in February, 2003 the Nanaimo Chapter of Runners of Compassion (ROC) has raised money to help support local families in need, local charities, and assist young people to overcome financial barriers so that they can participate in sport activities. ROC consists of over 260 members and since our inception has distributed over $200,000 within our community. We raise these funds to make a positive difference in the lives of people in need. Our support comes in both financial assistance as well as volunteer time from our member base. We also encourage active lifestyles through running to promote healthier minds and bodies .